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The PFC is AMAZING! Not only are fulfillment services TOP notch, but their services are offered at the BEST value you will find. I no longer have to worry about FBA fees, and I am profiting way more because of the PFC. The future of my Amazon business is now limitless. I will be able to grow my business faster now, all thanks to the PFC!! A special thank you to the PFC team for everything!!

Whitney Parish

PFC Member / Powerhouse Pro Client

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"Wes's team of pros have helped me save a ton of money each month. The PFC is the way to go if you sell online. They've taken great care of me and I can trust that my inventories are in GREAT hands! I'll be using them for all of my fulfillment needs."

Steven Milton

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"I've been very happy with the services and attention to detail that the PFC has provided me so far. I'm also seeing much stronger profits in my Amazon payouts since I have drastically reduced my fulfillment costs. I highly recommend using them for your fulfillment needs."

Davis Kiwanaku