Terms and Conditions


Welcome to the Powerhouse Pro Fulfillment Center (PFC). To better serve our clients and to maintain optimal daily and long-term operations, please read our terms and conditions thoroughly before joining the PFC.

For Amazon Sellers: The PFC offers fulfillment for Amazon sellers that are selling on Amazon’s Fulfillment by Merchant (FMB) platform, as well as fulfillment from other online selling platforms. When sellers receive an FBM customer order, the PFC will provide order fulfillment by packaging and shipping the ordered product to the purchasing customer.

Granting User Permission:

The PFC will closely monitor all FBM sales on a daily basis by being granted limited access to your Amazon Seller Central account. This will be done through API Integration and is within Amazon’s Terms and Conditions. The PFC will not access your account by entering your Amazon Seller Central credentials (username/password). You agree to follow the instructions provided by the PFC for granting user permission for your Amazon Seller Central account for the PFC.

Shipping Fees:

As a PFC member, you will be 100% responsible for paying shipping fees associated with each FBM customer order you receive. Unless otherwise requested by you, the PFC will select the shipping carrier with the lowest shipping rate available at the time of the order using Amazon’s discounted preferred shipping carriers. Shipping fees will be paid directly through your Amazon Seller Central account, by deducting shipping costs directly from the sale’s revenue.

Accepting Inventory:

The PFC will not accept an inventory if the seller (you) has not already signed up to be an active member of the PFC. Members MUST be active prior to the PFC receiving your inventory. It is highly recommended that you give the PFC an advanced notice of ALL incoming shipments to our facility in order to avoid prolonged processing.

Inventory Regulations and Restrictions:

As a PFC member, you are 100% responsible for making sure the products you are selling are within Amazon’s terms and conditions, including but not limited to products that require Amazon’s approval to sell, restricted products, and banned products. Failure to ensure this can result in the denial, blocking, and/or removal of your inventory from the PFC at your expense.

Seller MUST be approved by the PFC prior to sending products that are currently under Amazon’s restricted products list, including but not limited to:


The PFC reserves the right to deny acceptance of any inventory for any reason at any time.

Storage Fees:

According to your membership plan, PFC members will not be charged inventory storage fees for the maximum amount of inventory allowed per your plan if you are actively selling your products on Amazon as an FBM seller. If you are no longer selling your product on Amazon for any reason, you will be charged a minimum storage fee of $99/month per inventory for storing your inventory at the PFC. The PFC will send you an invoice for the payment at the end each month of your storage period. Failure to pay the storage fee by the posted due date will result in an additional $25 per week. Failure to miss three consecutive months of storage payments will result in a temporary hold of your inventory. You will have 30 days to pay the full amount of the storage dues. Failure to pay the full amount on time will result in the forfeiture and/or removal of your inventory for all PFC facilities. It is 100% your responsibility to know what your listing status is on Amazon. Example: Active, Suspended, Out of Stock, Suppressed, etc. The PFC will make multiple attempts to contact you via, phone, online correspondence (email), or certified mail to your last known address. If you fail to respond and take action to late payment notifications, your inventory will be placed in “abandoned property” status pursuant to TX Property Code, section 72.101. Once an inventory has been deemed as abandoned property, PFC reserves the right to physically remove your inventory from the PFC for disposal or resale.

Seller Performance:

The PFC is not responsible for your performance as a seller. PFC accepts no responsibility for lack of sales, customers, or earned revenue. Your success as a seller is 100% your responsibility.

No Contract Required:

Members of the PFC are not contractually obligated to use the PFC for any determined amount of time. This is a true month to month service that can be cancelled at any time. If you (the seller) decide to cancel you service, you will be responsible for coordinating with the PFC staff to have your inventory removed from the PFC facilities. Shipping costs to have your inventories shipped to your location is your responsibility and not that of the PFC.

Monthly Membership Dues and Refunds:

Each PFC member is responsible for paying their monthly dues on time. Members have the option to set up automatic recurring monthly payments. All payments that are made are final and not eligible for refunds. If you cancel your membership between billing cycles, the PFC will prorate an eligible amount for a refund for the remaining billing cycle. The PFC reserves the right to raise and lower monthly membership rates at any time, but not without advanced notice to its members. Failure to pay your membership dues on time could result in late fees, suspended membership status, fulfillment delays, and possible removal of your company's inventory from the PFC. Membership dues that are delinquent by 30 days or more are subject to late fees of $25 per week, in addition to the original outstanding balance. Membership dues that are more than 60 days late will result in the suspension of your account, suspension of fulfillment, and additional late charges. To avoid any of these events and charges from occurring, simply pay your dues on time.

Specialized Packaging and Fulfillment:

If a member’s inventory requires special packaging per sale, the PFC reserves the right to charge an additional fee for any extra materials needed for fulfillment. Standard packaging includes boxes, padded shipping envelopes, protective padding material (bubble wrap), and packing tape.

Shipments to FBA:

As a Powerhouse Fulfillment Center member, we will prepare one shipment (non-pallet shipments) to be sent to Amazon FBA per month at no charge (shipping charges not included). Additional shipments to FBA require $5/case. Cases must contain only one SKU. Shipments that require palletization will be charged a labor fee of $25 per pallet.

Shipping Delays:

The PFC ships out fulfilled orders on a daily basis, usually on the same day the order is placed by the customer. Once the PFC delivers the order to the shipping carries (example: UPS, USPS, FedEx, DHL), the PFC has successfully fulfilled the order and is no longer responsible for the order. Shipping delays caused by shipping carriers are not the responsibility of the PFC. Refunds requested by customers that are a result of shipping delays on behalf of the shipping carrier are not the responsibility of the PFC.


The Powerhouse Fulfillment Center provides bundling services for our members for $.90/bundled unit. Example, if you need us to build 30 bundled units that contain 2 products per bundled unit, the cost will be $27 (30 bundled units @ $.90 each). Bundle charges will be sent through separate invoices.

Inventory Counts:

The Powerhouse Fulfillment Center does a great job at maintaining inventory counts, however it is the sole responsibility of each member to keep up with their current inventory counts, especially within Amazon Seller Central. The Powerhouse Fulfillment Center will not be help responsible for members that run out of inventory, despite what the current counts in Amazon Seller Central reflect. Know how many units you send to us and keep up with your counts. If you are needing a full inventory count conducted, the PFC needs to be notified by email.

Incoming Shipments:

Members must inform the Powerhouse Fulfillment Center of incoming inventory shipments in a reasonable amount of time. Shipments that arrive to our facility without notice may be subject to refusal.

By signing up for the PFC, you acknowledge that you understand and accept the PFC’s terms and conditions.